There are a lot sites, and people who can give you advice what to wear. It's easy. Everyone who thinks they have a taste of fashion blogs or calls himself a stylist or designer.
But; What is fashion?
Fashion is not the current trend, fashion is not what people want you to wear, fashion is not the label.. Fashion is a combination of style, chicness and feeling very comfortable and affordable in what you're wearing. Very often I watch TV programs in which people undergo a make-over; transformed into something new; and mostly into something they are not. After 1 year; 90% of the people look as they looked before the make-over. Meaning the make-over is not only about making someone look better, also about making them think different about fashion and teaching them how to choose what is best for them. If you don't know how to dress and follow the trends (in your own way), you won't be able to keep track, start feeling lost and before you know you're back to basic. It's like a diet...
And of course there is comfort, which is very important in a person's choice of style. When I'm not comfortable wearing something, I don't wear it and honestly I think this is a good habit.

I just moved to the USA and I noticed a lot of people here dress casual and really don't know how to dress up. The first night I went out for a drink I had men asking me if I thought they were dressed up good enough to impress a certain girl. It breaks my heart to see people struggle with fashion, cause honestly fashion is the easiest part of looking good and feeling great about yourself.

I have a story to tell you, it's not a secret. I bet you have a story and if you're comfortable sharing it, please do so!!

I started this blog to help people enlarge their creativity in fashion. Fashion should be a part of you. I have loads of friends who either don't have the money or don't feel comfortable wearing certain things. They end up wearing T-shirts and jeans, to almost everywhere...

So here are some tips:
  • Don't follow trends without thinking. When you don't feel comfortable wearing something, don't wear it. It will make you look even more flat.
  • If you think fashion is to expensive, you are probably looking in the wrong store or on the wrong website.
  • T-shirt and jeans can be fashionable if you wear it right. You can always style t-shirt and jeans by customizing it with an eye-catcher. Note: This doesn't have to be something you don't feel comfortable in. Whatever makes you happy, as long as it shows off!
  • Don't wear shoes you can't walk in, you will walk unstable.
  •  Accessories are a good way to style you. Accessories can make you look fabulous, chic and very modern!
  • Don't wear too much make-up, you will look like a clown. People in magazines wear a lot of make-up because the lighting used during photography adds to their appearance.
  • You don't have to throw away old clothes, you can always recycle them!

And a small introduction about myself and why I started this blog. I'm Kady, I'm a full-time student in pharmacy and I just simply love fashion. I recently moved to Chicago, but before I moved here I have been living in the Netherlands for 6 years. I was born and raised in Suriname ( and my parents, little brother and most of the family still live back there.
When I just arrived in Chicago, one of the first thing I noticed is that a lot of people around me dressup casual. I walked around at Belmont avenue and 50% of the people were wearing jogging shoes. With all respect - I love America, I love the people - but those shoes drive me nuts. I have them too and I wear them 3 times a week, to the gym! Seriously people they are for running. They are not the only comfortable and affordable shoes one can buy. America has so many shops, wow this is like paradise to me. I don't get it.....
But, most of the American people I get to know complement me on the way I dress and combine things. Whenever I would advice them to wear what I wear, most would say they are not comfortable in it. Until I take them shopping.
I don't have the intention to become a stylist, unless someone offers me a lot of money :p.. But I just want to help. I will try to blog bi-dayly and try to post as much pictures as possible. If you have a question, please don't hesitate.
I hope my story will help you get confident in clothes...


p.s. I don't do the xoxo :p