Fragrance with SWAG

I think everyone would agree with me that a good smell is part of your outfit. Picture a very handsome someone (male/female) wearing a formal outfit, like a suit, and he/she smells like dried spit because he/she didn't take a shower this morning. That's disgusting.
Thousands of years ago about 2000 BC perfume was initially used as a fragrance in Egypt. It was then refined by the Romans and Arabs, and slowly grew into a daily must. Characteristic for perfume are fragrance oils which gives them their scents. The fragrance oils are mostly abstracted from certain flower leaves, tree leaves or fruits.
Nowadays fragrances are also diluted into an Eau de toilette. Which is basically Eau the parfum, but diluted in water. It has a less stronger scent and vaporizes faster than Eau de parfum.

Since perfume is a part of today's fashion, why not make the appearance of perfume fashionable?

When I go shopping for a perfume, the bottle is the first thing that attracts my attention.
Cute bottle: not only makes the smell pleasant but also adds swag to your fragrance collection and thus your closet. There are a couple of designers who think the design of a fragrance isn't all about the smell, but also about the bottle.

Marc Jacobs, recently brought out his new scent named: "Marc by Marc Jacobs Dot"
This bottle adorable! It represents a lady bug, the beauty Queen der insects. If this bottle was a bag, I would wear it with a black dress, but since it is not, I would give it a special spot on my vanity mirror table desk. The smell: fresh/fruit/flower

For example Juicy Couture. The designers from this label are masters in producing bling products. From jewelry to scarves. So we couldn't expect different for their perfume. An example is "Viva la Juicy- La Fleur" which is my favorite smell made by Juicy Couture. The small tube standing beside the bottle is a roller with 2 smells, "Viva la Juicy - La Fleur" and "Viva la Juicy". Viva la Juicy  is an eau de parfum. The smell: summer/flower/day. Viva la la Juicy - La Fleur is an eau de toilet. The smell: light/fresh/day

Another perfume I love, is from La Prairie "Midnight Rain". The fragrance is a bit on the expensive side, $135 for 1.7 oz. But everything from La Prairie is expensive. Have you ever seen the price of their cosmetics. The intelligent designers of La Prairie, thought adding an outstanding look to their fragrance bottle would make the perfume even more outstanding. I personally find this bottle amazing. It could really be a souvenir when the fragrance is done. Put it on the table or use it to hold paper towels in place. The fragrance is eau de perfume. The smell: night/rich/sexy

Then you have the Guerlain "Shalimar" eau de parfum and eau de toilette refillable spray. The Guerlain "Shalimar" fragrance has been created by Jacques Guerlain in 1921 and in the market since 1925. Shalimar is one of the most successively sold fragrances in time. And despite the year this scent has been published, it is sells good. The story behind this scent makes this fragrance even more desirable. Just recently Guerlain has made a refillable bottle, which you can fill with the amazing Shalimar fragrance. The bottle is much more stylish than the original Shalimar and is bag proof, meaning the cap can't get off the bottle during bag movement. What I like about the bottle is that it is completely gold plated - just like the La Prairie perfume, it doesn't have to much bling, but it is definitely an eye catcher. The smell: daily/sexy/comfortable.

Last but not least is Lolita Lempicka 'Si Lolita'. The bottle is build of 4 hearts all pointing towards the middle, and a scarf around it's neck. Without the scarf the bottle would be plain, but the scarf gives it the swag it needs. This parfume is an eau de parfum. The smell: spicy/strong/overwelming

If you're a parfume lover, try to shop for a fragrance of which you love the scent and has a nice bottle. Put the bottle in a place, you can see it everyday and enjoy..