Studs, sequins and zippers.

Studs and sequins have been all over the world this year. Almost everything you can find finished with them: shoes, shirts, bags, vests and so on. A visible zipper has been around for a longer time now. It's at the back of a shirt, dress, or even a legging to swagger the outfit. I like zippers, it's easy to posh them and they are stylish themselves.
 I've created an outfit with a lot of fashion highlights of this year - still not overboard.

I like the white vest, because it adds class to the outfit. Wear the earring with your hair pinned up sideways so it's visible to others. Don't wear a necklace, it's too much. You may add bangles: Gold or rose gold, 1-2 big and 2-3 bracelet types. A ring or a watch is an option. Try to keep it gold or rose gold; silver would mismatch. 
Vest: Riverisland
legging: Topshop
Shoes: Aldo
Bag: Mango
Ear ring: Riverisland