The shirt

I will try to teach you how to style this shirt.
I chose it, because it's airy, the wind blows through it, it's simply perfect for the summer.

You probably see these kind of t-shirts all over forever21, h&m, river island, topshop etc.  And I can hear most of you think "I don't have that flat belly!! Don't show me how flat hers is and mines not". If you have a little belly you wouldn't like to share with everyone; here's how you can still rock this shirt.
Try on a strap basic black dress. This t-shirt on top of the black dress will cover up your belly.
Try on a high legging. I don't know if you have ever noticed, but high leggings flatten your belly and they look amazing under these shirts.
You could also: try a set of both a black basic strap top with a (low/normal) legging or a pair of jeans shorts or these shorts (see below). If you're not wearing high leggings, it's important to wear a shirt underneath. Do not wear a shirt with sleeves (neither long or short)!

If you do have a flat belly, just simply rock this shirt with a pair of jeans shorts or maybe these shorts.

The color

This summer is all about stripes, spots and any print on a shirt or dress. Especially white with print I love. Combine a white printed skirt/short with a bright colored shirt. For example, you can easily wear the shorts (see above) with a bright green lace shirt.

The shoes

Try flip flops or just flat sandals. Except if you're going for the legging as a bottom, pumps or high sandals would fit perfect.

I'll get back at ya with some example pictures.
Have a hot saturday.